James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines

James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines

James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines  is a new resident on the wall of shame. Welcome James. Contrary to your assertion in the Living in Cebu forums’ dirty kitchen, that you have made it to Evan’s wall of shame, you didn’t! Until now. James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
You insisted so hard to get there, Evan was moved by your effort and granted your request for access. You see, Evan made it so easy, unlike entering the Cellar, no recommendations needed, everyone looking for fame is welcome. Somehow, and for some reason my wall of shame attracts you, I have seen your IP quite often on my blogs, and for sure, you like what you read. James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
To be honest, I wasn’t interested of your profile, I considered you as a low caliber contributor to LICF, then, one time you followed the trend in defecting the said forum and joined that of another; then, back to your master Paul Petrea, having no other choice to exist, no window to the real world from your isolation, be read and heard, treat your ego, forced you to migrate because Evan shot the other forum down. Philippines Directory of Sexpats Pimps Crooks – James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
Then, one day you visited this in the LICF. (Living in Cebu forums)

 James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines

In the year 2012 you tried to reopen an old thread  that Paul locked in 2008 after it backfired on his friend Peddler  Christopher Bennetts, “aka” Philippines Escape in the forum, starter of the thread where he became the top resident on the wall of shame and other blogs. James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
Question for James: What was the reason you wanted to revive it? The topic is still viewable, all entries are there, the names of the “actors” also, further, Evan has 12zens of pages on his blogs about the main figure of the story you have certainly read. Why this particular, late interest? You wanted a wall of shame in the LICF? Oh brother! You’ll need a huge coop to cage the residents and a lot of time and money available. You have neither.  James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
Indeed, this triggered my curiosity inciting me to take a closer look on you, curiosity that brought me to your pages about the murder of a Canadian friend of you and neighbor living in Surigao where you also live. It’s about Harry Doyle .
Your story may be different of this brought by Christopher Bennetts on the same forums, nevertheless, a lot of similarities exists on the reasons of bringing it out to us. Let’s comment on the first one: James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines

Going through the pages of Christopher Bennetts’ thread A guy living in Cebu to avoid  the first thing struck anyone’s  mind, is “Why someone will come to the forum to unfold a triangle love affair quarrel between one of his friends and his girlfriend? Especially he’s married with 3 children all, including the wife, living (then) in Cebu? Who cares?
Christopher Bennetts began unfolding the case against Dean Marston, the “stealer” of his girlfriend Ruby Bandejas painting him as the worst pedophile and drug addict on earth, followed by Paul Petrea that his girl friend also had a “little adventure” with Dean.
Not many showed a great interest for the story; they all got it straight that it was nothing else than a setup by Christopher Bennetts and Paul Petrea to silence Dean Marston. Because Christopher’s GF Ruby having a child with him filled a complaint against him for child support payment and other charges, like stalking. James Musslewhite-From Surigao

Dean Marston on his side knew the kind of perverted pornographer Bennetts was, threatened him to go public, so, something had to be done. James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
Chris Bennetts seeing it coming took the lead and start digging Dean Marston’s grave hoping to discredit him rendering his revelations null and void. 
Still hungry, google “Christopher Bennetts porn” and there you go.

James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines Canadian Citizen Killed in Surigao City 

On August 12 2012 a Canadian citizen by the name of Harry Doyle was killed in Surigao City. For those familiar with the Philippines nothing new, foreigners are killed regularly by locals for various reasons, Google foreigners murdered in the Philippines and start counting. James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
This case, – Harry Doyle’s – under normal circumstances would only make the headlines for a few days, if not only one, will be discussed on one or two forums for a couple of days or 20 30 replies then be shelved. That’s not what James Whitemussle wants.
He’s working hard to keep it alive; 3 years have already passed 54 pages of reports and comments plus the discussion “downstairs” on two forums one here and another here still not enough for James, he upped the ante on the members of these forums but, they don’t buy. They don’t really care. So, why he persists?
Analyzing his profile as himself built over the years since he came to the Philippines, like statements on forums and FB pages, his craving for recognition is apparent on every single line he writes, with passion and often with temper. James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines  James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
He struggles to convince us on his moral principles and ethics as taught while a US Marine, putting the corps as the mother of all educational centers in the world. “If you’re not a Marine, then, you’re a nothing! Zero!” And he has plenty of company in the Philippines among the expat community. In the Philippines anyone can be whatever he wants to be; anyone can choose who he wants to be and not the crowds.  James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
Examples: Guenther Vomberg, a pizza maker in Germany, become a commander of the Philippines Navy! Yes folks! It’s easy? Read his story.
 Benjamin Aggenstein came to the Philippines known as a zero to become a wealthy real estate developer, with his personal jet and even an honorary consul of the banana republic of Cacakaroumba! Read his story here   and here  He has now retired, resting 5 feet below ground.  James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
As for James Musslewhite, I have to admit he has been down to earth in describing his background and professional activities; however, some of his statements are stated and re-stated “vaï que vaï” “Vamo que vamo” in an effort of passing through messages like: James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
“I’m married with the same woman for 30 years”
“I’ve never cheated on her”
And this one:

James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines

James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines

Yeah? Your beard and long hair will keep the chicks away while your wife is in America? If she believes that, then, you’re a lucky man to have her because anyone else, including locals, expats sexpats and the like won’t. In the Philippines anyone is untitled to have his chick regardless of age, weight, rich or poor by US standards; ask your friends Paul Petrea and headshot, look also here
With your permission, may I go a bit off topic and make a comment? The stand up man you pretend to be, overflowing honor and principles don’t send his wife to the US alone but goes to work with her. Or HE goes alone and SHE stays there in case there are children in school age; end of the comment.

James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines brings the story of the Canadian Citizen Killed in Surigao City to the Living in Cebu forums

James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
James Musslewhite  James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
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Posted 12 August 2012 – 3:19 PM
A Canadian citizen was killed in Surigao City this evening. The victim named Harry Doyle, age 62 who resided at km.6, Barangay Bonifacio; a resident of 849 Uninon St. Fredericton, NB, Canada was shot around 4pm this evening at the Palma Resort in Punta Bilar, Surigao City. James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
He was at a beach resort attending a family picnic with his wife and son when he was shot with a yet undetermined short firearm. He received 5 shots to the body, While they were having the family picnic two men approached Harry one 5′ 3”, medium build waring a black jacket and a black bonnet asking for either food or money.
Harry pushed the man away and then got into a scuffle pushing him away; when he pulled out a weapon and open fire shooting Harry 5 times. the other man 5″ 6″”, medium build with his face covered by a black handkerchief and also waring a black jacket also fled the scene of the crime after the shooting. Harry received five wounds (1) shot to the right thigh, (1) on his upper right chest, (1) to the upper belly, and (2) on his left thigh. James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
When the police arrived he was bathed in his on blood and had already expired. The shooting was witnessed by his wife, son and by over 30 witnesses who were at the beach. I do not believe his bodyguard was present during the time of the shooting The investigators found no slug or shell casings at the scene. Currently the police have no suspects.
Harry Doyle was transferred to NILO Funeral Homes , Km. 3, Brgy. Luna, Surigao City awaiting a PNP Crime Laboratory autopsy. The PNP are presently conducting a continuous investigation for possible motive identification of the perpetrators.
I talked to investigators today myself, many who knew and liked Harry Doyle, and I trust that the local PNP will conduct a rigorous investigation and I have faith in their abilities to do so. The Canadian Embassy is also informed and has requested the current known information of this case, which was collected and forwarded to them by our President of the Surigao City Expat Association.
If any members have any useful information pertaining to a possible motive or any other useful information than please PM or email me and I will turn this information over to the proper local PNP investigators.
Or please contact Investigator on Case SPO1 Rosemarie E. Almazan or PO2 Mark Anthony Miole – 09187261390 / 09999984933
Harry Doyle was a regular visitor to Cebu and even held a residence there, so I am sure there are members of the forum who knew the man. Harry was also a former member of the forum in the past. He is survived by his wife Jane Doyle and their son..
I will update information as it becomes available after the autopsy and further investigation are completed.
Edited by JamesMusslewhite, 22 May 2014 – 5:37 AM .
Indeed, James Musslewhite kept his word, he went out of his way to update us with pages and pages about the investigation, hearings, news paper clips, some of the members commented on the information with a few likes here and there.
Reading the first 10 pages there is nothing exceptional or new other than just another foreigner murdered in the Philippines. Then, it seems James started feeling the pressure, or maybe looking to keep the momentum on the story went on with some strange and bizarre declarations like this from page 12
“I can only say what the investigators allow me to say, and what is responsible to say if Harry’s family, friends and fellow Canadians are monitoring the forums. I have this story posted on 5 different forums and blog-sites in the hopes that expats that knew Harry Doyle could read and possible contribute new information. That this information could be used by our investigators here in Surigao City and the Canadian Embassy to help find the true motive for the shooting and to help find the perpetrators who gun down a fellow expat.”

,Excuse me! Evan here. May I add a comment? No one came forward with any new information from the forums and blogs you posted “the news”  You’re the main witness on the case, everyone knows whatever you told them. I doubt there will be any one else in the future
And James said: If I do not do this? than who else will?  Why the ambulance did not get there on time? I do not know. How long after the shooting were paramedics called? I do not know. The hospitals were easily within a 30 minute ride. I know my wife would have gotten some of the 30 people standing around to throw me in the back of the SUV and would have driven me to the hospital, and would have not hesitated or left me lying in the sand. But she has a brain, and thinks well under stressful situations..” 
But before that, on page 10  he published this:
James Musslewhite  James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
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Posted 18 August 2012 – 10:46 PM
There are a few updates to this story.
Harry Doyle was shot five times with a small caliper handgun believed to be a .22 caliper. The first reports of the location of the shots were wrong, this was due to the blood covering the body made it difficult to determine. All shots were actually in the lower belly and upper thigh region.
Harry Doyle had a 30 minute window of opportunity, if proper first aid had been properly applied, to perhaps survive long enough to get him to a hospital. His body was released today after the autopsy was completed. His body was loaded onto the Cokaliong ferry and left Surigao City this evening to be delivered to Cebu where he is to be cremated.
His wife Jane Doyle and their son Joseph Doyle will accompany his ashes back to his home town in Canada, and services have been scheduled for August 24th. It is expected to be well attended as Harry Doyle had many family members, friends, and acquaintances who are expected to attend.
The Surigao City PNP are still waiting for the final report of the results of the autopsy. The police also noted that Jane Doyle, her new lawyer, and her family have not been very cooperative with the investigators in charge of the investigation.
Edited by JamesMusslewhite, 19 August 2012 – 12:01 AM .
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Soon after, a member of the forum posted a report issued by the local PNP office in charge of the investigation that contradicts James’ account about the delay of paramedics to be called. Here is the report:


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Posted 19 August 2012 – 2:50 PM
Doyle had a 30 minute window of opportunity, if proper first aid had been properly applied, to perhaps survive long enough to get him to a hospital.
Public Information Office
Camp Rafael C. Rodriguez, Libertad, Butuan City
Date: August 14, 2012 Control Number: 20120814-019
Around 4:00 O ‘clock in the afternoon of August 12, 2012, HarryJoseph Alfred Dever Doyle, 62 years old, married, businessman, aCanadian citizen, resident of 849 Union st., Fredection, Canada andpresently residing in Kilometer 6, Brgy Luna, Surigao City, was shot by two(2) unidentified suspects using unknown caliber of firearm at Palma BeachResort, Brgy Punta Bilar, Surigao City.
Initial investigation of Surigao CityPolice Station disclosed that while the victim was sitting on the cottagedrinking a bottle of beer when two unidentified suspects appeared and oneof them pretended to ask some food from the victim but the victim pushedthe suspect.
There and then, the other suspect drew a firearm and shot the victim five (5) times hitting him at the different parts of his body that resulted in his instantaneous death. Victim’s cadaver was brought to NiloFuneral Homes, Brgy Luna, Surigao City for autopsy examination. Authorities are now conducting hot pursuit operation and thoroughinvestigation for possible identification and arrest of the suspects.
Prepared by:
PO3 Zena Menioria Panaligan
Duty PNCO Noted by:
Regional Public Information Officer
The same poster put also this as an explanation:
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Posted 19 August 2012 – 5:55 PM
My point is that if the police report is correct and he died instantaeously then there was NO 30 minute window of opportunity and thus no amount of first aid would have helped him .
I did not comment on the police report, or its accuracy – i simply cut and pasted it because it contained information that had not previously been posted.

If James Musslewhite from Surigao Philippines is connected with the local PNP he pretends to be, he should know before anybody else about the mention “resulted in his instantaneous death.” 

The holes  and gaps began surfacing on James’ tale about the murder. As the conversation progresses questions keep rising on his motivation to get dangerously involved in the case, and in another post he said this:

JamesMusslewhite James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines

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Posted 20 August 2012 – 9:38 AM
Altho you quoted it you seem to have overlooked what my post said – which was ” I did not comment on the police report, or its accuracy” And that was for obvious reasons. Loosen up the underwear there chief ! lol
REALLY??? In post #116?
You must have typed that little statement in invisible ink…. :scratch_head:
No you added that latter as a retort to my response of Post #116 “What’s your point”. It seemed you were merely trying to imply that my reporting was false and here is the official document proving me wrong… Which you know you were, or you would have added such a statement in post #116.
Why was I offended? Because I am placing my family and myself in danger even posting this information out on the forums, or constantly being seen going to investigators at the PNP station to get this information. I have to wonder if these killers or their boss(s) are not going to try to silent me for putting out this information.
That they may not like my gathering and then giving information being sent to me by PMs and emails to the investigators. I can also be pissing off the PNP PR machine that sent out that statement you used. I may even be ruffling feathers with your own Canadian Embassy.
I am try to get factual information for Harry’s friends, family, fellow expats, and Canadian citizens. If I don’t do it than who will?
Edited by JamesMusslewhite, 20 August 2012 – 10:54 AM .
Wondering: Why he put his family and himself in danger just for the heck of bringing the case to the forums and blogs? Like his friend Matt Wilkie the snitch, he’s involved  with the local PNP (Philippines National Police) something very, very few foreigners do. What is hiding behind this relationship?
So far, what we’re reading until the pages 1 through 16 of the thread “Canadian Murdered in Surigao City (continued news updates relating to Harry Doyle murder case)” in the living in Cebu forums, James Musslewhite doesn’t mention a single iota about his relationship with the Doleys and the essential of what he knows about the investigation on the case.
The discussion goes on with the same participants, the star being as usual the expat moderator “headshot”   from the US military, also full of “ethics” and “high moral standards” that found his way in Paul Petrea’s sexpat circle by marrying a young Filipina 40 years his junior plus a handful of others, the same old guard “triple diamond” members now for supporting their leader with charity money.
Nothing noticeable, boring, some mild disagreements as is the only kind of disagreement is permitted in this forum before being banned, especially if you have Evan’s guts to trash these peddlers time and again fearlessly.
Then, later, in page 17, James Musslewhite  began again giving some life to the story; for some reason on a volte-face concerning the 30 minutes that followed Harry’s death reversed his early comments and came up with this:

JamesMusslewhite James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines

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Posted 22 August 2012 – 9:20 PM
I was not able to get a copy of the autopsy this evening, but should have it tomorrow. I will post the results as soon as I get them. I also found out some new information that conflicts with the information I received from investigators. This shows the reason I have been so diligent on trying to find out any and all information pertaining to this case. There can be inconsistencies, false testimony, new information, or things just over looked. So I will post these corrections.
I talked to an American names Michael A. (have not received his permission to post his full name) who lives very close to were Harry Doyle was shot Sunday the 12th. He is a trained first-aid “1st responder instructor”. Michael was on the scene within 5-10 minutes of the shooting and immediate started CPR. He said that he did 12-16 sets of 30:2’s.
He was still applying CPR when the paramedics came up to the scene and made him stop. Jane Doyle was there when he came up to the scene, she was sitting and had Harry’s head in her lap. He said she looked pale as if she was going in shock herself, and praying out loud for Harry. He said he looked right into her eyes and face and she did not appear to be acting to him.
I just wanted you to know that Harry did not die alone in that sand. He had his wife cradling him and my friend was trying to save his life. This is not how the police reported the scene, but than again they had showed up later after the paramedics had arrived. Harry was being treated with care and dignity, it was just his time to go home to the Father.
Edited by JamesMusslewhite, 22 August 2012 – 10:32 PM .
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Then, a whole new ball game began in the page 23  when James WAS FORCED  to disclose publicly what he hasn’t done thus far and was hoping will not have to: Admit that he was a suspect in the murder case. Forced by whom? By the lawyer of Jane Doyle  widow of Harry Doyle officially now accused of conspiring to kill her husband. 
Below is the original article published by a Canadian blog that took James Musslewhite by surprise and run fast to copy and paste the article to Paul Petreas’ forum in an effort of face saving. That’s not all he did!
He rushed also to move the story in the dirty kitchen where only peddlers are allowed to post and read replies. He later understood that this could backfire on him and put it back on public view.
I copied and pasted the article and added a few comments in bleu color letters to some of James claims. Please be aware: The link James put on page 23 of the thread in LICF is outdated (if ever was the right one)
Should you want to find it is here: 
Let’s get started.
Global News
September 26, 2012 3:01 pm

Exclusive: Philippine lawyer for Harry Doyle’s widow speaks about murder allegations James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines Global News

 HALIFAX – Four people are suspected to be involved in the murder of Fredericton businessman Harry Doyle in the Philippines last month, but no arrest warrants have been issued yet.It’s been almost a month since authorities in Surigao City said Doyle’s wife and driver had a hand in his brutal death.
He was gunned down late in the afternoon of Aug. 12 at a resort where he was spending time with family.On Aug. 31, Philippine National Police (PNP) alleged that Erma Jane Udang Doyle, Harry Doyle’s 35-year-old wife, and their driver Jerome Devocion were having an “illicit relationship” and hired two gunmen to kill the 62-year-old businessmen.The two suspected hitmen are brothers Jhonny and Jeffrey Parian. Police had named them as suspects five days earlier.
For the third time, there have been delays in officially laying charges in the case.The prosecutor and the lawyer defending Harry Doyle’s widow appeared in court in Surigao City Wednesday afternoon to submit more documents to move things forward, but the case is at a standstill for a few more weeks.James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
PNP Det. Rose Marie Almazan said in a phone interview the prosecution, representing the police, and the defence have both asked for more time. Global News attempted to contact prosecutor Kristina Paat-Salumbides, but could not reach her. Paat-Salumbides’ secretary confirmed the prosecution has asked for a 15-day extension to finish preparing affidavits, while the defence wanted another month to respond to the complaint. Almazan said the lawyers will be back in court on Oct. 15.
Jane Doyle’s lawyer, Edmundo Zerda, asked for the one-month extension so he can obtain documents from Canada. James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines

Exclusive: Jane Doyle’s lawyer speaks out
Global News spoke exclusively with Zerda on the phone Wednesday. He said the case against his clients – Jane Doyle and Jerome Devocion – is a part of a greater plot by those who have had it out for the Doyles. Zerda has known the Doyles for a few months. The couple hired him as counsel for advice on their business – a guest house the husband and wife opened together, called Jane’s Lodge.Jane Doyle asked Zerda to represent her locally. She has also sought the counsel of a lawyer in Fredericton – Ron Morris.
Zerda reiterated that the investigation was still in its preliminary stages and no formal charges have been laid. Under Filipino law, suspects have a period of up to 15 days to respond to an official complaint before an arrest warrant is issued, he explained.“It is very clear they have no case against Jane,” Zerda said. “I believe the police here have mishandled the case against Jane.”
He said the couple was already planning to return to Canada, after receiving several threats. Harry Doyle had already been shot at earlier in the year: he recounted the incident on his Facebook page and even posted an image of him with a bullet hole in a window behind him.
No one was ever charged in the case, but Doyle had his suspicions.

A witness for one side, a suspect for others
Det. Almazan confirms an American man, James Musselwhite, is one of the PNP’s witnesses.“Before, James and Harry and their families were friends – very close friends,” Almazan said.They were close for about two years, but the friendship soured. When Doyle was shot at in February while inside his home, the Doyles said Musselwhite was behind the murder attempt.
“When the investigation was conducted against James, we found out that James could have no resources … no financial capacity to hire a hitman,” Almazan said, adding Doyle never identified any possible gunman in that case.But after Doyle’s murder, Musselwhite told police he witnessed Jane Doyle, Devocion and one of the alleged Parian brothers meeting at a restaurant in Surigao City in July. Zerda dismissed the claim entirely, saying Musselwhite wasn’t in the resort area of Punta Bilar where Harry Doyle was shot five times on Aug. 12.
He says Musselwhite “implicated Jane” without having actually seen the alleged killer.
“The police showed him a photo of the alleged killers and from the photos he pointed out Jhonny Parian and claimed that on July 18, Jane and Mr. Parian were talking at Mario’s [a popular restaurant near City Hall].”At the time, Zerda explained, “there were a lot of policemen there. And at the time Jane was accompanied by her son Joseph, the driver Jerome, and there was also a policeman with Jane as well.”
“If you want to talk business with a killer, ostensibly to have your husband killed, why would you talk to him in a very public place and there are lots of people around … where many people can identify you later on?” James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
“You have to wonder about his accusation considering he is also a natural suspect,” Zerda said referring to the allegations Musselwhite was involved in the earlier attempt on Harry Doyle’s life.

Evan’s comment: 
James Musslewhite has never disclosed to his forumers that Harry and Jane Doyle considered him as a suspect in the premiere attempt back in February
.-James Musslewhite has never disclosed to his forumers that he had a dispute over borrowed money from  Harry and his wife, therefore could be a possible motive to eliminate Harry.
-James Musslewhite has carefully managed his words towards the Doyles when mention their name in the forum not to upset any possible reader susceptible to show up and bring this hidden side of the story out. James didn’t want that to happen.  
Devocion, meanwhile, took to his Facebook page on Wednesday to flat out accuse Musselwhite of being the killer. “JAMES MASLEWHITE THE KELLER OF MR HARRY DOYLE,” Devocion wrote above a picture of the Houston, Texas native.

Musselwhite’s side of the story
When asked about the tumultuous past he had with Harry Doyle and the accusations against him, Musselwhite sent a lengthy response to Global News to tell his side of the story. In a message sent via Facebook, Musselwhite said, “The police investigated Harry’s claim that I was the shooter [in February]… 3 different times he tried to file that against me. The cops knew I was not a suspect. They either thought that Harry concocted the shooting for drama, of that Jane and the driver did it.”
it starts getting juicy. How the cops knew that you weren’t a suspect? Because you’re married to the same woman for 30 years? You’re from Texas? A former US Marine? Have a nice FB page? Or maybe because a 12sen of sexpats peddlers in a forum owned by a scum criminal testified on your good morals?
Let’s quote one of your phrase you posted in the forum:
Emperor of the Moon, Inventor of Atmosphere


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Posted 08 December 2015 – 3:41 PM
I agree 100% anytime i am in the city for more than one day I want to leave this country to .Traffic , smog, grinding poverty, dirty, over all just a bad place to live but as many have said once out in the province the charm of the Phils comes to light .
As for other expats I have only met a few worth making friends with . Many are just full of shit trying to friend you for a reason or are so broke they need your  prop their lifes up  
It seems many come here to reinvent them selfs in a better light . I have never met so many C.I.A ,Marines, Snipers, Special Ops , It seems everyone here has lead a super successful undercover life . 
I could not agree more with the latter portion of you statement as far too many are in a state of reinvention here. What is sad is they actually think those around them are too stupid to see through their little delusions.
Question to you Sir James: Who vouches for you-other than those I mentioned above that all they know is whatever you said while building your new image, should say reinvented yourself, in a remote area of a third world country that not many envy your life style? Maybe Paul Petrea? He’s also a farmer in Cambodia raising chicken. You farmers support each other for better or the worse… Congratulations!…

The American-expat said the whole claim is “ridiculous” and it was an attempt by Harry Doyle to discredit him among the foreigner community.
“I live a clean family life and have been completely honest with everyone, plus I live here on $7,000 a year. How the hell is this poor boy going to hire killers? It is ridiculous,” he said.
And that’s where the big joke on his innocence begins. Det. Almazan confirms an American man, James Musselwhite, is one of the PNP’s witnesses. But he confirms also that he couldn’t have committed the crime because he does not have the financial capacity of hiring a killer.

Excuse me?
A gun for hire in the Philippines cost 10k PH pesos = about US$ 220. James said he couldn’t afford that with a monthly income of $700. A lie!! A big one. The poorest defense ever!
James Musslewhite has a family of 3, could not survive with this money; he has other income, not a fortune, but more than enough to hire a killer. His wife goes often for work in America; he does a bit of landscape work here and there having among his clients goes whom!!? The prosecutor assigned on the case of Harry Doyle murder Attorney Alfonso Casurra.

Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines

James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines – Philippines Directory of Sexpats Pimps Crooks
Excuse me? Did someone say conflict of interest?
Did Attorney Casurra paid you for the work? 
Harry Doyle and Musselwhite had known each other for two years before that, but they had a falling out over money. He claims the Doyles had it out for him – and for more than just his reputation – after things went awry.

“The police never considered me a suspect, they suspected it was either staged or Jane was the suspect. My name was never entered on any police log, therefore the radio stations would never had gotten my name in the first place,” he said of the earlier accusations.
“I have had to stay mostly in my home and rarely venture out for the last seven months, and even now cannot because Jane and Jerome still want me dead.”
Despite alleging Jane Doyle is connected to her husband’s murder, Musselwhite says he’s trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. But he’s not taking her online accusation lightly.
“Jane did it because she is desperate trying to get the investigators off her tail, and is trying to discredit me so she is trying to throw mud, but she is too stupid to realize it is a can of worms she really does not want opened,” he said.

Second witness not credible: Zerda
Martlaw Ortuina is another key witness for police and he was in Punta Bilar when Harry died. Ortuina reportedly saw Devocion speaking with one of the Parians moments before the gunfire began.
Before Harry Doyle was shot dead, two men are said to have asked for food. Police said Doyle pushed one of the men and the other opened fire.Zerda said the alleged killers first asked Devocion for food, but Doyle ordered him not to give them anything.
That’s the extent of Devocion’s interaction with the suspects, he said.Ortuina’s statements to police are misleading, he said.

Waiting games and game changes
Zerda said the case is currently being presented on behalf of the police, but that could change.He said the complaint against Jane Doyle and Devocion will be filed under the name of one of Harry Doyle’s sisters, adding that his family supposedly has evidence that will help the police case.
Currently, the complaint is being filed under the name of PNP Senior Insp. Viomedes Cuadra.Alamzon said police will request Jane Doyle to be extradited from Canada, if a warrant is issued. She is currently staying with a friend, Eva Montanez, in Fredericton. She arrived in the country on Aug. 25, the day after a local memorial was held in Harry Doyle’s honour.
Zerda said Jane isn’t hiding out in Canada, and already has plans to return to the Philippines.But he said she is “not medically cleared to travel,” as her pregnancy reaches its final months and she is suffering quite a lot of distress.
 Meanwhile, the three other suspects in the case all remain in the Philippines and their movements are being tracked by investigators, Almazan said.
Friends, I’m now about to upload this entry as part one of the saga James Musslewhite – Harry Doyle murder. In this page, based on statements of both parties, the accused Jane Doyle and her lawyer Zerda on one side, James Musslewhire MAIN PROSECUTION WITNESS on the other side, when pieced together gives a different version of that James Musslewhite trumpets all over the forums in the PH and news blogs in Canada.
James Musslewhite IS NOT TELLING THE TRUTH. Many holes and inconsistencies in his tale of the events, suspicious relationship with the PNP and the prosecutor assigned to the case, excessive propaganda and “marketing” efforts repeating the same virtues about his “clean life” his “Christian faith” “respected by all expats in his area” and much more.
His claims and values have only been corroborated by (again) a few peddlers and psychos in the living in Cebu forums and a schizophrenic in his Facebook. Which worth a screenshot and a video because Matt Wilkie is no longer a member. Officially at least. James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
Here comes Matt Wilkie Matt on James FB

James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines

And here is a video from his friend above advising James how to make money “out of nothing” so in the future he doesn’t need to borrow money from Doyles whatever their first name is. 

James Musslewhite-From Surigao Philippines
Come back in few days for more. Is not over till’s done. There is plenty of holes and gaps in James story. Happy new year to all sexpats living in the Philippines particularly to those in the living in Cebu forums.