In a previous entry I introduced you to James Musslewhite from Texas USA  living in Surigao Philippines for nearly 9 years; I “met” this gentleman on one of these expats/sexpats reservoirs in the Philippines known under the name of Living in Cebu Forums owned by a known scumbag by the name of Paul Petrea James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
James, to his own will and accord, has finally made it for good to this wall of shame adding one more page of his saga “the Harry Doyle Murder”, for the purpose of… not many really know, at least until now
He got the desired rubshoulders-with a few famous scums there for his “noble attentions” and “holly motivations” for spending time on this case informing the members on the progression of the investigation.
Reading James last posting on page 52 on January 30  that came after the publishing on this blog it looks like the support is gone making place on skepticism and doubts as to whether he tells the truth. James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
As mentioned before, he brought the story with cloned postings of the same on 5 forums (according to him) I’m personally aware of 3, including one that is now defunct, there is only 2 left, (to my knowledge), the second one being Philippines Expats
We’re reading there the same posts James put in the Living in Cebu Forums, but, to his dismay, he did not find the same support from the members, instead a fierce opposition from some of them. Of course, as expected, he also had the support of a notorious sexpat occupying a top spot on Evan’s wall of shame, that is Philip Row.

In the living in Cebu Forums very little’s going on lately, once in a bleu moon someone will revive the thread to the delight of James ceasing the opportunity to up the momentum. Below is an exchange he had with a member on the subject where basically both they put the expat community in the Philippines on trial, James almost blame them for what happened to him. James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
Let’s read.
Top #517 JamesMusslewhite
  • Benny Z, member of the forum on 06 Feb 2016 – 11:53 AM, said:
  • Thank you for all of these updates. I was interested in this story at the time of this murder and have followed it from the beginning. Something about this one particular case. Having eaten at Mario’s it gave me chills the next time I sat there thinking how this Man, Harry Doyle, may have been fingered for execution while sitting in the same restaurant with his supposedly loving wife.
  • I sat there and I wondered if anyone would give a shit long enough for anyone to be arrested and convicted. I know how devious and diabolical the people in the 3rd world can be, how an entire neighborhood will be involved in a scam on a foreigner to the point (and this is only ONE example) of fake weddings(with a fake priest) followed by fake receptions when everyone knows, except the mark, that it is a charade. James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
  • Things that in the 1st World’ would never be considered ‘worth it’ or even stooped to the level of what is common practice in poverty devastated. You are a brave Man to do such a thing as stand up to these murdering scumbags. All Ex-pats are affected, and should be interested in, the outcome of such cases.
  • IF, If, if the authorities do nothing, the word gets out and no tourists show up and no ex-pats would want to live there and thieves see it as a free pass and open season on ex-pats/foreigners. A recent kidnapping in a restaurant was filmed, WTF? The other case that caught my attention was the guy, George, in Manila that butted in to some punks argument with a LTO patrolman and was chased down the street and stabbed to death in Nov. 2012. I wonder if the rich little turds got off. The dead guys wife was an American Diplomat at the U.S. Embassy.
  • Anyway, keep your eyes open. I would say that these low-life’s friends have stopped visiting them in jail and have written them off as buried. BUT, BUT, BUT, never underestimate the unknown. Thank you again.
  • Below is James Musslewhite answer
  • The murdered man in Manila was a Marine officer who was married to an employee of the US Embassy. The case went to a court and the judge was far too lenient in my opinion and the suspects were given basically what amounts to a mere hand slap and a timeout. James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
  • And as to my being brave? I see it more as just being too damn hardheaded of just too stupid to have backed away. But I am where I am, and I am in the situation in which I have found myself to be; and as such, I still must see it to it’s
  • I use to like going to Mario’s and I enjoyed the regular Wednesday afternoon expat meetings we use to have twice a month. They were good times but it seems that inevitably silly petty infighting disrupts the harmony (mostly due to wives and girlfriends) and eventually drives wedges splintering expat group meetings here in Surigao James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
  • The events surrounding the Harry Doyle case certainly took it’s toll on the expat community and exposed many flaws within human nature and issues of personal morality with many of the expats with whom I was socializing, to the point that I tend to just avoid most of them now.
  • The mass self-induced amnesia, yellowing of spinal columns and sudden lack of truthfulness and breakdown in moral character as many simply went ethereal or scurried off and hid. To me it is one of the tragedies. Now I expect the proverbial subtle twisting stabs to the back and the concocted senseless gossiping.
  • Unfortunately, it seems it is human nature that those who chose to cower must later try to tear down those who they feel exposed their weaknesses. They must then try to denigrate another somehow seeking a false sense of vindication or perhaps some hollow validation that they were a more honorable person. So many saw so much and yet opted to remain completely silent and turn a blind eye. James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
  • The tragedy to me was the loss of respect for so many within the local expat community as that life lesson was painful and that unexpected knowledge can never be unlearned, nor can I regain that sense of trust, camaraderie, and community that was once there. Now I just bit my lip and opt rather to just separate myself from everyone in a sort of self-imposed quarantine.
  • My wife and I have far better and more productive things to do than waste our time pandering to two-faced people or pretending that nothing has changed with those we have learned that we could never trust would not unknowingly or knowingly expose us to further danger.
  • Edited by JamesMusslewhite, Yesterday, 9:26 PM.
I will be back with more on James Musslewhite statements on expats living in the Philippines.
ime has now come to comment on the famous video aired by Canada’s TV channel CTV W5 

James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder

W5 tracks down elusive prime suspect in mysterious murder of Canadian in the Philippines  James Musslewhitwe-Harry Doyle murder

Oh! really? 

James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
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Kevin Newman Co-Host and Correspondent, W5. “One of Canada’s most authoritative voices in news, Kevin Newman is a household name and has been well-known to viewers as a news anchor in Canada and the U.S. for more than 30 years”. Text quoted from his web page. 

Dear Mr Kevin Newman
It is with a great interest me and hundreds, if not thousands, were expecting the airing of your documentary on Harry Doyle’s murder in the Surigao island – Philippines.
Especially that it was mainly announced with fanfares and trumpets on a few forums where one of your main actors, that is James Musslewhite,  is spending time and energy updating the expat and sexpat community on the ongoing investigation, nearly for 4 years now.

Me, Evan Iliadis, a known blogger specialized in naming and shaming sexpats, pimps scammers and crooks in the Philippines with a 4th grader writing style as am also known, living in France, had to stay up late in the night to be in line fearing the site may run out of bandwidth, had the viewers in the PH and CA absorb the bulk of the available.
Was the effort worth? I’ll explain shortly. The fact that 

I didn’t jump on the keyboard minutes or hours after the airing I sent you already a signal, but in fairness, waited two more days watching James preferred forums covering the story and evaluate forumers’ reaction to this investigative video.  As of the writing of these lines. there is none. Not a single comment. I doubt there will be any….
Oops!! Not too fast..  Just noticed James tried to sparkle a debate on your video but all he got is this: 
James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder

Yes Mr. Newman we all know about this, actually what James Musslewhite wanted us to know. But I’m afraid you also don’t know more than what he and his attorney told you.
Mr Newman, Watching the video, at the end leaving us as hungry for the truth as we were before, I’d say adding a touch of betrayal, provided the high expectation the title generated like “W5 tracks down elusive prime suspect”
All we have seen of the suspect is you at an unidentified apartment door, an arm of its occupant and her brief voice with not the slightest evidence this is Jane Doyle.Here’s the only sequence of the 3 parts combined.
James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder

Never mind Mr Newman I’m not going for another Brian Williams scandal here, no similarities at all, a marketing plot at best, a cheap shot at worst, I stop whining over it. 
Nevertheless, Mr Newman, those interested in Philippines life and culture by reason of affinities and/or affiliations, (I’m one of them) would like to give a new approach to this story. Because Considering you a novice, total lack of knowledge of the most controversial country in the S/E Asia, somehow I feel the need to bring my two cents, in addition to those of Steven BanderaGood analysis but just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s go.

The players on your video are known to us from written accounts, mostly by James Musslewhite, that took the unusual step of spreading the story all over the net triggering our suspicion as to his motivation. Your account of the story, if it didn’t bring anything new to us, has however brought a bit of life on the events, that is one thing to read the statements, another to hear them live from the horses’ mouth. Especially from the Attorney Cassura and the PNP detective. James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
Contrary to a statement of the PNP detective Rose-Marie Almazan that “this case is a strange situation and is not always what happened in the Philippines” more than one foreigner has been assassinated there under similar circumstances. Very few made the headlines more than one edition, even less, the PNP didn’t bother to spend time and resources investigating it, they have neither. James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
So why this one? That’s what I’ll try to explain Mr Newman. 

All of the protagonists in that story as covered by James Musslewhite and now by your channel had an interest in publicizing the case. Each of you fired a bullet on the dead for gain, some for money, others fame and maybe for social promotion. Lets start with the one who started it.

James Musslewhite from Surigao island Philippines James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder 
Mr. Newman, besides the interview of James you posted on your video, I’m sure you had more conversations with him about the case, life in the Philippines and particularly in Surigao island. I’m sure he told you about Harry Doyle he was considering him as a prime suspect in the first attempt against him a few months earlier.

I’m sure he told you about the financial litigation that tore them apart (More on that shortly) didn’t he? James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
Here is a screen shot of the frame where you mentioned the previous attempt. It shows the bullet fired through the window at his house but missed the target. 

James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
 The next frame on the same part of the video shows detective Rose-Marie Almazan making the following comment:
James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
She’s referring the investigation on the first attempt of Harry Doyle. The prime suspect then was James Musslewhite, the only one having an interest in eliminating Harry because of a financial dispute. Not a single mention who were “the one by one” she investigated.
James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
 James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder

No word on the whereabouts of James Musslewhite that day, not a single transcript from him (James) or the investigators to help the skeptics chase their doubts away. He didn’t need it. He felt protected on the island because of his ties with the local police and administration always sailing with the wind. For what reason?

Mr. Newman, I understand a TV reporter can’t unfold on a single 30 – 40 minutes presentation with every detail of a story. One has to insert as much as he can in a frame time allocated to him by his organization, W5 CTV in this case, therefore elimination of sequences, especially those requiring long explanation will occur. 
Granted, I’m here today to complete your investigation by filling in the gaps that knowingly or purposely you left out.
I noticed you have allowed all protagonists of this story to speak out on an equal divided time – more or less – but little (compare to others) on James Musslewhite and Lawyer Cassura. 
James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
  • Who’s James Musslewhite? a self-righteous struggling to be recognized as a good doer in the community by means of -among others – collaborating with the local police on other cases besides this one, that if nothing wrong with that, foreigners in the PH haven’t always done it for service to the community but for servicing themselves. 
  • James Musslewhite struggling to impress his circles by claiming moral and ethics can only be acquired in the US Marine Corps, anybody who hasn’t gone through the teaching or is not from Texas is an honor-less individual. Throwing a bit of religion and God fearing language on his FB page seal the portrait of a man in good standing in the community. Oh! one more thing. He claims and reclaims, time and again being married to the same woman for 30 years. Give him the medal of honor please, and a glass of wine for me the sinner being married to mine for only 23.
  • But ethics, moral and honor aren’t the only things Marines are taught on camp Pendleton California. The use of guns, guerrilla, ambushes, torture of prisoners, to name a few, are some of the “specialties” taught on any elite army, including the REP in Foreign Legion where I served as a paratrooper in late 60’s early 70s being the very last French soldier to leave Algeria. It was year 1968. 
  • No one really knows much about James Musslewhite other that what he’s telling us, enough to read in between the lines and draw our own conclusion, not those he actually likes.
    One of the flaws we notice is we’re dealing with a high temper man, that often lashes on his pairs in the forums he’s a member, probably in a way of showing his handlers, the NBI and local Surigao police, that he’s not a peddler among the peddlers he flocks together.
    But he is! James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder

  • If he wasn’t, I don’t see what he’s doing there, why he’s publishing 55 pages of the case on a forum (sorry for the repeat) owned by an American criminal  wanted in the Philippines, fled to Cambodia where he lives now,who escaped criminal charges in Georgia USA by prescription of his crime committed more than 20 years ago.  
  • James Musslewhite migrated to the Philippines (and never returned to the US since) under questionable circumstances.
    With a wife and a son, with only a meager retirement of US$ 650 a month income – his numbers, also found in attorney Cassura’s statements – is considered suicidal, totally irresponsible for a husband and father. James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
    What really brought him to the PH? a country known to be a shelter for the international lowlife, including fugitives, scammers, human traffickers and more? By the way, didn’t I hear on the video someone saying “Only the most determined foreigners come to the isolated island of Surigao in the Philippines?
  • Then, there is this relationship with Harry Doyle. Two totally different personalities, nothing in common, yet, James was dependent on any expat with a better financial situation than his, regardless of their questionable moral and attitude. Harry wasn’t an exception.
    To the contrary, Harry being one of the wealthiest foreigners investors on the island James had all reasons to get closer to him, be it for landscaping work on his resort, management of the property during Harry’s and wife travels to Canada and elsewhere, a source of income he badly needed to survive.
  • But the relationship turned sour. Harry not been around to tell his version on the cause of the dispute, James is free to tell us what ever he wants. James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
    I’m not going to comment. At this point, I’m about to publish a frame of the video showing his testimony to you at Marios Bar in Surigao.    

  • He’s pointing out the table where Jane Doyle was sitting with her driver that according to transcripts she had a love affair, was also a friend  of him reportedly the second killer “socializing for more than 2 hours” just days before the murder. So what?

  • Harry Doyle with his driver allegedly fired the bullets killing Harry

    He was a foul time Harry’s family driver, what’s the abnormal for her to interact with him?  Was she the driver’s mistress? Assuming she was, does this lead to a plot to kill him? If that’s what James things, then, if you count all the expats married to women from half to third of their age we shall have at least 10 murders a day throughout the Philippines. James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
  • James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
     James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
  • I will now post another picture taken not from the video but from James’ FB timeline.
  • This is James Musslewhite with Jane Doyle “socializing” so to speak using James wording. The Photo was taken while his wife (James’) was in the USA working. Question for Him:
  • May I ask you What were you doing with this sulfurous sex bomb younger than your wife, while the latest was working in the US to meet the living budget for you and your son? That budget you haven’t been able to provide for them?
  • May I ask you, James Musslewhite, what would prevent me of thinking you did have a sexual relationship with her and plotted the killing of Harry? Your US Marine ethics and morals? Being married to your wife for 30 years? Being a valuable contributor to Paul Petrea’s forum? 
    You and others painted her as a whore, a cold blood killer that got rid of her husband for financial gain.
  • In your 50s you’re a better looking and sexier guy than this skinny hairless body Filipino assailant reportedly executed Harry, and sexier than Harry. Jane would be happy to switch. How about that. How do you like my thinking?
    I’m sure you hate it, so do I on your conclusion as to what Jane was doing at Mario’s bar with the alleged killer. 

  • Mr. Newman this is the end of part one but not the end of the story as I understand it.  James Musslewhite may have been the main star on this saga, the one who masterfully propagated the case all the way to Canada.
  • Nonetheless, he’s part of a conspiracy that include lawyers and family trying to capitalize on this crime. A last look on the forums still no debate on your video I hope it stirred some interest within the Canadian community. 
  • Next when I have time: 
  • According to all participants in this story, Harry Doyle wasn’t the perfect husband or friend. The expat community in Surigao wasn’t proud of him, I’m not sure they are with James Musslewhite though…
    Even his sister, in covered words, of course, admitted Harry’s difficulties with women for a lasting relationship. As the saying goes “Not good for the first world dump it to the Philippines”
    Look at the pictures below. None of them would give a dime for Harry’s murder including James Musslewhite if it wasn’t for they all had something to gain. I’ll tell you what it was in the next entry.
 James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder
James Musslewhite-Harry Doyle murder